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There's always a buzz in the world of follicularly challenged men when new hair loss products are introduced. Despite the plethora of hair loss products thrown at excited consumers, there are only three so far that are highly recommended by professionals and consumers alike. These are Rogaine, Revivogen, and Propecia.

Rogaine. This drug has the generic name Minoxidil and is one of the hair loss products with staying power in the market. It was initially introduced as Loniten, a drug to counter high blood pressure, but was soon found to have a welcome side effect.

In the '80s, the drug was modified to include minoxidil. At that time, there were no other convincingly effective hair loss products available, so people took to it like fish to water.

It's still vague how hair loss products such as Rogaine work to treat alopecia or hair loss. What may be closest to a viable explanation is its vasodilatory effects brought on by its nitric oxide content. Basically, it activates the hair follicles and induces them to remain in the growth phase.

Hair loss products such as Rogaine commonly produce minor side effects such as an itchy scalp. Some have reported allergies with Rogaine's minoxidil and propylene glycol, a non-active product in hair loss products.

One downside to using hair loss products such as Rogaine is that if you stop using it, chances are hair loss would recur. And this can be a source of concern as hair loss products can be very expensive. But although many men would pay any price for effective hair loss products, Rogaine does not work for every person. In this case, they should try other products.

Revivogen, those hair loss products packaged in sleek black bottles, is distinct from other hair loss products in that it is made from natural ingredients. It is said to reduce the production of dihydrotestosterone (DHT), a testosterone by-producxt which is said to be responsible for baldness.

Other hair loss products treat inactive hair follicles by using chemicals and combinations of them; Revivogen claims that its formulation is based on the latest scientific findings on the blocking of androgen receptors and subsequent stimulation of hair growth.

And because Revivogen is applied topically and is composed of natural ingredients - derivatives of natural oils, and liposomes - it does not affect the production of DHT in other parts of the body.

This means that while other hair loss products may be accompanied by undesirable side effects, Revivogen is totally safe for use not just by men but also by women with thinning hair. When DHT is inhibited, the hair follicle remains healthy and the weak hairs soon become revitalized. After a few months, the user will be able to enjoy a fuller head of hair.

Propecia, however, is advertised as a for-men-only formulation. Its generic name is finasteride, and a 5-year scientific study has shown that 9 out of 10 men had positive results after using the product, with 42% of them exhibiting no further hair loss and 48% showing a visible degree of hair regrowth.

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